Akkeshi 厚岸 廿四節氣之一 "寒露"

$7,880.00 $6,880.00

寒露由波本桶、雪莉桶、葡萄酒桶和水楢桶原酒混合調製而成,並且所用原酒的酒齡均大於三年,酒精度數為55% ABV,容量為700ml。官方描述這款酒具有草莓、橙子、蘋果和穀物風味,還帶有類似於檸檬的酸味、黃油、香甜牛奶味、白鬍椒辛香和巧克力甜香風味,裝瓶數為1.5萬瓶。

Akkeshi Distillery releases "Akkeshi Single Malt Whisky Kanro", our first brand in our 24 solar terms series, drawing renewed attention to the word "24 solar terms" which describes the seasons. "Ritto" of 24 solar terms starts on November 7, denoting the beginning of winter. While temperatures as high as summer have been observed in the southern parts of Japan, winter is already roaring up in Hokkaido. The sunrise time in Akkeshi Town now is around 6 o'clock in the morning, while the sun sets at around 16:00. We are gradually getting less daylight and the time when the sunset graces the distillery has become earlier.
Eastern Hokkaido during this period of transition from fall to winter the sky is clear, creating a picturesque sunset gradient. People say that you can taste the unique localities of the region where whiskeys are produced in. If that is true, I hope I'm not the only one who would love to show this sunset to the casks of whisky aging quietly inside the storage.