Akkeshi 厚岸 New Born Foundation
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Akkeshi 厚岸 New Born Foundation

$1,380.00-$2,980.00 $1,080.00-$2,680.00

厚岸新出生的“ Foundation 1”是在波本威士忌酒桶中熟化5-14個月的非泥煤麥芽的混合威士忌。 它於2018年1月裝瓶,並於2月9日發布,限量生產10,000瓶(每瓶200毫升)。
Akkeshi New Born“ Foundation 2”是在優質初榨波本威士忌酒桶中熟化8-17個月的麥芽的混合物。 這是厚岸蒸餾所的第一個Peated產品。 瓶裝酒精度為58%,帶有濃郁的豆腐風味,並在海霧和柑橘味中散發出淡淡的鹽分。
厚岸蒸餾所NEW BORN FOUNDATIONS 3在北海道水楢木桶中熟成了8-23個月。 這也是非Peated酒款。

厚岸蒸餾所NEW BORN FOUNDATIONS 4, 在雪利酒桶中與4-30個月熟成的麥芽和穀物混合。


Akkeshi 厚岸 New Born Foundation

Vol. 1 非泥煤味
Vol. 2 泥煤味
Vol. 3 水栖桶
Vol. 4 麥芽和穀物
Vol. 1
The Akkeshi New Born "Foundations 1" is a vatted blend of non-peated malts matured for 5-14 months in bourbon casks. It was bottled in January 2018, and released on February 9, in a limited run of 10 000 bottles (200 ml each).
Vol. 2
Akkeshi New Born Foundations 3 was aged in Hokkaido Mizunara casks for 8-23 months. It's also a non-peated release.
Vol. 3
Akkeshi New Born "Foundations 2" is a vatted blend of peated malts matured between 8-17 months in quality first-fill bourbon casks. This is Akkeshi Distillery's first peated product. Bottled at 58% alcohol by volume, the peaty flavour is coupled with a hint of salt blown in on the sea fog and citrus notes.
Vol. 4
It is blended with malt & grain aged 4-30 months in a sherry barrel. Only raw liquor distilled and aged at the Akkeshi distillery. Scottish new barrel was made at the Akkeshi Distillery, and only the raw liquor aged in the Akkeshi environment is used.  Sherry barrel aged raw liquor to more than 50% of the malt. Similarly, barley malt from Hokkaido is used for more than 5% of malt.